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Five Days Four Nights Luxury Cruise

Order over $2500 to enjoy your Luxury Cruise
Sail aboard your choice of premium cruise lines on three different itinerary options. Unlimited buffets and fabulous entertainment!

Two Nights Hotel Stay
Order Between $1000 - $1499 to enjoy your nights stay at over fifty 4-star locations nationwide!

Las vagas gateway

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Las Vegas Getaway

Experience the thrill of the city that never sleeps! You will receive up to 4 nights 
stay in a Viva Las Vegas resort and casino for upto 4 travelers 
2 adults and 2 children.
Additional Information

When you create an account with MySuperSaver.Club you will automatically be enrolled in our rewards program and will earn points for purchases based on the amount you spend. 

You can also earn points for sharing your referral link and other actions you perform with MySuperSaver.Club. Once you've earned enough points, you will be able to exchange them for rewards such as discounts, free products or even complimentary vacations as listed above! 

All rewards are accessible via the My Rewards button in the upper left of the MySuperSaver.Club site or by contacting us.

To view your point balance and redeem rewards, simply login to MySuperSaver.Club and access the My Rewards widget by clicking the "My Rewards" circular button in the upper left corner.

Referral Rewards

When you share your link for others to shop at MySuperSaver.Club, you will earn points when they join the club. You will also receive points on every order your referral places! More orders means more points and the faster you can receive that complimentary dream vacation!Please note that points do not carry any cash value and available rewards will vary and can be modified, without notice, at any time.Points expire after one year of nonuse so be sure to redeem them.

frequently asked questions

How do I get informed when I'm eligible to receive my reward?
Reward Points are accrued through various activities. 

Your rewards balance is always available by logging in and accessing the My Rewards button in the upper left. 

A notification email is also sent periodically to you with your rewards balance. 

You can always check your balance and available points for redemption by logging into your account and clicking the My Rewards Button or contacting Member Services.
What is the life span of the rewards / for how long will the reward last?
Reward details will be provided upon redemption. Most rewards have an expiration date set so be sure to redeem or activate promptly.

You will receive a reminder email notifying of all details.

Some rewards like trips must be activated within 90 days but once activated may be redeemed within two years with the premium travel agent provided.
Are the rewards redeemable only in person?
All rewards are good for redemption by using the My Rewards button or contacting Member Services.

Not all rewards are the same and there may be additional fees or charges associated with redemption.

Contact us if you have any questions or issues.
About the Luxury Cruise and Hotel Stays; Must I redeem them (the fiver or two days) concurrently or at any time of my choice?
The complimentary Luxury Cruises depart on a standard schedule and is not available on separate days. Bookings are made through our premier travel agent for available dates.

The Hotel Stays similarly are booked through or premium travel agent. Available dates and times are discussed when enquired and additional costs may apply based on seasonal travel and particulars amenities requested.
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